1776 book review write paper

The declaration opens with a preamble describing the document's necessity in explaining why the colonies have overthrown their ruler and chosen to take their place as a separate nation in the world. All men are created equal and there are certain unalienable rights that governments should never violate. These rights include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When a government fails to protect those rights, it is not only the right, but also the duty of the people to overthrow that government.

1776 book review write paper

Jun 20, Richard Downey rated it it was amazing Seeing this play or the film that was made from it is our family July 4th tradition. I have been in two separate productions of the play playing Franklin and Hopkins respectively.

It has been a part of my life for a very long time. The nice thing about reading it is the authors have provided an afterward explaining what is real, what is adapted, and why they did the things they did.

1776 book review write paper

It's the summer ofand the nation is ready to declare independence It is an extremely flexible show that can be performed with characters as written or as a concert version.

I am also, as anyone who knows me, a super nerd, and a super nerd for American History. I was in Honors History all through high school and had the opportunity to teach American History at the High School level in I saw this play as a film, when I was a child, and I saw it live at Albuquerque Little Theatre in I have always liked the play, especially, the characters of John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

It read very well in our reading series, but I'm not sure that it matches our community very well I had thought that I could steal a play from Lin Manuel Miranda and color-blind cast the play, but The cast really doesn't match our community and the voting reflected that Maybe, the nerd in me will have to come out, later I watch every year.

Yesterday the 4th I watched while following along in the book. It is a shame that most of what I now know about the Second Continental Congress comes from this version of the history.

In the excellent afterword in the print edition, Sherman Edwards, a popular songwriter and amateur historian, bemoans that fact that our educational system provides only a sketchy, one-dimensional accounting of that month in Philadelphia where our country and its founding philosophy were born.

Written during the 60s, it mirrors its Vietnam era politics and is still relevant today. Edwards and Stone are as historical accurate as the dictates of drama allow. Whenever I'm in Philadelphia, I think of those men, the cool considerate conservatives, the heroic Caesar Rodney, the mercurial Benjamin Franklin, and, especially, the obnoxious John Adams.

Men I know from Edwards and Stone., by David McCullough, represents a sea change in the work of one of America's truly extraordinary historians. The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and twice National Book Award recipient has traditionally chronicled epic times and critical historical events on a grand scale.

Oct 22,  · In this lesson, we invite students to explore the cultural offerings around them — from architecture to books, dance, fashion, film, food, music, theater, TV and video games — and write reviews about what they experience. , Book Review It was a good year for a revolution, But it didn't start off quite as well as the colonists would have liked.

When George Washington agreed to take command of the American forces in , he probably didn't realize what he was truly getting himself into.

McCullough’s ‘’ is a book about discovery: the force within oneself, one body of people, to be free without the anxiety of what it means to govern themselves independently.

Still, WOW.

1776 book review write paper

The amount of research required to write something like this blows my mind. (The book seems long, This review could just be the reader, not the /5.

"" is a historical book that covers the history of the American Revolutionary War in the year of the Declaration of Independence. While this is a non-fiction book, author David McCullough writes it as though it is a novel, making it accessible to those who are not history fans.

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