3rd grade writing activities pdf

Attention-Getters In The Classroom In my opinion, one of the most important management strategies in our classrooms is getting everyone's attention in a quick, efficient, and low-impact way. I try to change these up every year, since I am always learning about new and exciting strategies. Plus, I have found that the novelty each year makes it more effective for both me and my students.

3rd grade writing activities pdf

My Go-To Instant Pot Recipes I posted about my most favorite kitchen appliance, the Instant Potthe other day on my Facebook page and wanted to talk about it in a bit more detail.

With the school year approaching, I want to share some of my go-to helpers, both in the classroom and my home, to help support your transition into August and beyond. And if you already have one of these, you can try some of my favorite recipes and share yours below in the comments!

I recommend the 6-quart one HERE. In short, an Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker. I think I left this in the box for the first three months I had it because I was still thinking of it like the stovetop version my grandma had. And while this can be used for all of those recipes and more, it is a "set it and forget it" kind of machine.

These types of appliances are invaluable, especially in the months of August and September, when the only energy I have is to dump something into a pot and press a button! Besides pressure cooking, this can also be used as a slow cooker and rice cooker. There are functions for soup, meat, poultry, chili, and more.

I use Manual when I make hard-boiled eggs and they turn out perfectly! If you have a favorite recipe for a pressure cooker or slow cooker, there are loads of resources to help guide you through the conversion, but the one I typically rely on is THIS SITE.

A general guideline is 1 cup, although that depends on other ingredients you have. I can never, ever, ever get tired of this recipe. It is so simple and easy, you almost question if it can taste good, or at least I did!

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Let me assure you, it is deliciousness and is very versatile-- you can add various sauces as you serve it and cover nearly every cuisine!

It just makes me feel fancier to serve with those slices. I usually buy the organic packages from Costco and keep them in the freezer until the night before, when I defrost them in the refrigerator.

This recipe is also a great example of the Saute function being a time and energy saver. The crispiness paired with the honey is finger-licking good, and a huge hit with my daughter. I find the flavors are even more profound when using an Instant Pot, and this is definitely one that gets better as leftovers.

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My daughter and I differ in our spice preferences, a LOT, so I tend to make this pretty mild and add my own spices to my bowl. The reason I love this recipe is because it involves opening cans and sauteing chicken. This is a great one to stock up for in your pantry and, if you have chicken breasts and are out of meal ideas that night, this one can save the day!

I also love that you can add all sorts of toppings to it-- my favorites are avocados and Fritos instead of tortilla chips. Growing up, my grandparents always had Fritos in their house as a snack, so it takes me back and puts a smile on my face.

I also recommend prepping the pineapple at the same time. The sweet and savory together makes this a delicious break from the traditional. I love sharing recipes, so be sure to leave links to some of your favorite Instant Pot meals if you have any to add.

Cooking these meals is quick and easy, plus the leftovers for lunch or future dinners really helps relieve stress during these busy back-to-school months. I have found that when I rely on my Instant Pot, I eat out much less and can enjoy a home-cooked meal with my daughter without dirtying up the entire kitchen.

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This is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to IP recipes-- take some time to look on Pinterest or Google to see just how many thousands of ideas are out there!In this section, you'll find writing assessment resources, writing strategies, and additional tip sheets for teachers and parents on how to help third graders build strong writing skills.

The Foundation and Framework that makes Teaching Elementary School Writing Easy!

3rd grade writing activities pdf

The 4th-grade multi-paragraph report and the 5th-grade multi-paragraph essay . In this section, you'll find writing assessment resources, writing strategies, and additional tip sheets for teachers and parents on how to help third graders build strong writing skills.

If the child can demonstrate the required reading level before the start of the next school year, he or she may be promoted to grade 4.

If the child achieves the required reading level during the next. News & Announcements English SOL Institute Registration is now open.

Supt's Memo # announces the English SOL Institutes for October-November. The focus of the SOL Institutes is on the integration of the English Standards of Learning strands of reading, writing, research, and communication and multimodal literacies.

More Spelling (10 words each).

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