A comparison of remorse and gilt

A FEW years ago it fell to my lot to make a journey to Persia, and to reside there nearly four years. At this moment, when public attention is so much directed to the East, I have thought my recollections of the scenes I have visited may not be without interest to a few readers. One advantage I enjoyed over many preceding travellers in Persia. I have been able to see the anderoons or harams of the Shah and some of the principal personages of his Court; and to judge, to a certain extent, with my own eyes, of the condition of women in that portion of the East.

A comparison of remorse and gilt

It takes sloppy diction to create confusion between these words. Accede means giving in, acceding to demands, while exceed means going beyond, exceeding the speed limit. More poor diction is required to make these into homophones.

Accept can only be a verb meaning to receive something willingly. Except can be a verb meaning to exclude or omit, or it can be a preposition meaning other than and a conjunction meaning only or were it not for. But if that same performer hears little applause, it might require some acclimation, or psychological adjustment.

Acclimation can also be weather-related, adjusting to a change in climate. Think acclaim, for acclamation, when you mean acceptance by voice vote. Acetic is related to the acid that is the main ingredient in acetic acid or vinegar, which is sour.

Acidic just means acid-forming. Newspapers sell advertisements, which some pronounce ad-vur-TYZ-ments and others pronounce ad-VUR-tis-ments and many just shorten to ads. Add is just ad with an added d and means just that: In the plural, these words also form a homophone with adz or adze ADZan axlike tool used in smoothing wood.

One grammarian deplored the smudging of vowels required to make these words sound alike, but in normal discourse, a difference in pronunciation is hardly discernible.

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Moreover, their misuse is so widespread as to demand attention. It may help to treat these words alphabetically. If you affect the effect, you influence the result. Affect is rarely used as a noun; occasionally in psychological terms it can mean an emotional response. Effect as a verb means to bring about.

The safe solution is to use affect as a verb and effect as a noun. Synonyms for aid are help and assist. An aide is an assistant, the shortened form of aide-de-camp. One who drinks too much ale, an alcoholic beverage very much like beer, might ail, feel ill.

Air is what we breathe, but it has half a dozen other definitions. Ere is a preposition and conjunction meaning before. Err also UHR means to make an error. An heir inherits property or a title on the death of an ancestor. An aisle is a passageway between rows of seats.

An isle is a small island. These are not technically homophones, because when two words, the pronunciations are slightly different.

Nevertheless, the differences are worth noting. We are all ready means everyone is prepared.


He is already late means even now he is behind schedule. Everything is all right means it is OK.The concepts of shame, guilt, regret, remorse, and contrition have been the subject of great debate within the professional community for some time.

And even though these terms are not strictly psychological in nature, because they have such importance to matters of character, they're worth a closer look. Dec 28,  · Don Juan (Byron)/Canto the First. From Wikisource Not that remorse did not oppose temptation; A little still she strove, and much repented This note was written upon gilt-edged paper With a neat little crow-quill, slight and new: Her small white hand could hardly reach the taper.

A comparison of remorse and gilt

Jun 11,  · Guilt vs Grief. Guilt and grief are two starkly contrasting emotions.


In some sense, guilt can just be one step towards grief. Both emotions are perfectly natural and at some point we all experience either emotion. How one copes with these depends on a multitude of factors, both internal and external/5(4).

In that values are attached to shame, shame occurs with true guilt (acknowledgement of the wrong, the differential), and enables the provocation of remorse and a commitment to recompense, reconciliation and reconstruction.

At the negotiations which followed the conclusion of one of Persia's disastrous wars with Russia, the plenipotentiary of the latter country thought fit to indulge in a little banter, at the expense of Persian manners, morals, integrity, &c., in comparison with those of Europe.

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