Aboriginal rights and freedoms essay writer

The numerous Improvements In Government Polices both state and federal have lead to a vast advancement in the rights and freedoms of Aborigines. The various examples of Aboriginal activism in Australia have educated the Australian people that they want to be treated equally.

Aboriginal rights and freedoms essay writer

Report Story The Protection, Assimilation, Integration and Self-Determination policies had a significant impact on the changing rights and freedoms for the Australian Aboriginal people. The policy involved the loss of land for Aboriginals and the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their homes.

They were placed on government reserves or church missions in an attempt to civilise and educate them to be like "white people".

This policy left Aboriginals with no freedom, language or culture of their own. The Stolen Generations continued, but reserves and missions were slowly shut down and Aboriginals were allowed to move to towns and cities, as long as they gave up their culture and religious beliefs.

However, most people would not employ or house Aboriginals so they had to live on the outskirts as "fringe dwellers". This policy caused the Aboriginals to live in poverty and be the victims of discrimination.

Integration meant that many Aboriginals still kept their cultural and spiritual beliefs, but others lived in poverty, not belonging to either race. Eventually the policy was changed to allow Aboriginals to live without harsh controls. The Integration policy also enforced the conclusion of the Stolen Generation.

This gave Aboriginals the courage to protest, with many organisations being introduced to help Aboriginals.

Aboriginal rights essay

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was created after three men set up a beach umbrella on the lawns of the former Parliament House. The Wave Hill Cattle Strike, led by Vincent Lingiari, was a walk-off because of unfair pay, poor working conditions and mistreatment.

The referendum also dramatically changed the rights and freedoms, as Aboriginals were included in the census.

aboriginal rights and freedoms essay writer

The Self-Determination policy started from onwards and brought greater awareness of Aboriginal culture. Paternalism and the forced removal of Aboriginal children, which was condoned by the other policies, officially ended. With the help of protests, like the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the government recognised their right to the land.

The government also realised that a multicultural society was more beneficial, so they gave recognition of Aboriginal arts and began teaching Aboriginal history in all schools. This policy allowed Aboriginals more freedom to live their lives how they wanted to.

These four major government policies have contributed towards the changing rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people.Another change to Aboriginal rights and freedoms was the constitutional change also by the referendum which allowed the federal government to pass laws over the Aboriginal people.

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Read Changing Rights And Freedoms from the story History Essays by Mockingjay with 1, reads. history, ww1, The Protection, Assimilation, Integratio. Indigenous Rights and Freedoms History, Year 10 Research Essay Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights have been a huge issue over the past 75 years.

Essay - The Council for Aboriginal Rights (Victoria) - Australian Dictionary of Biography Hire Writer As these words were said by Noel Blair we can say that this policy aboriginal rights essay a very negative effect on the Aboriginals Rights and Freedoms.

The Policy of assimilation also changed the Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginal people.

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This essay focuses on the rights for freedom for the Aboriginal Australians who have lived in Australia for at least 40, years. The Rights For Freedom Of Aboriginal Australians History Essay. Print Reference this If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website .

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