Academic writing reporting verbs exercises grade

Biology G — General Botany Prerequisites: Biology G This course is designed to satisfy the major requirements for an Associate or Baccalaureate degree in the Biological Sciences.

Academic writing reporting verbs exercises grade

Added The anthropology professor added a few more comments on historical analysis. Alerted Atmospheric scientists alerted the government agency about the new ozone data. Argued Inlawyers argued the Brown vs. Asked The academic writing reporting verbs exercises grade asked useful questions while reviewing for the final exam.

Asserted Some people asserted that it is too complicated to recycle, but most people realize it is simple.

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Believed Before Columbus, most people believed the earth was flat rather than round. Claimed Some other people claimed that they were the first to climb the mountain. Clarified Through reading and writing, the literature students clarified their understanding of the poem. Commented The researchers commented on their findings for the human genome project.

Compared The psychologists compared the twin studies with other sibling data to determine the influence of nature versus nurture. Concluded The lecturer concluded with a review of the cinematic concepts discussed in class that day.

Contended The losers contended that the game had been fixed and the score was invalid. Deduced Characters in the whodunit play incorrectly deduced the one who had done it. Defined As required, the researchers defined the parameters of their upcoming study. Described The job applicant described his relevant experience and educational background.

Discussed The volunteers discussed creative ways to raise money and awareness. Patel, a medical statistician, emphasized the importance of accurate and timely data. Equated That poem equated love to the ocean because both are deep and vastly unknowable.

Explained The city planners explained that building a train would ease traffic. Extolled The nutritionist extolled the benefits of eating a healthy diet and exercising. Forecasted Meteorologists forecasted a snowy winter and an early spring. Foretold In the earlys, Chief Seattle foretold many of the present-day events.

Guessed Surveyors guessed that the age of the rocks were younger than the carbon dating ultimately showed. Highlighted The emcee highlighted the main accomplishments of the plenary speaker. Identified The etymologists identified the linguistic origin of those 1, words.

Interpreted Archeologists and linguists interpreted the ancient tablets as important. Interviewed The journalist interviewed over 30 local residents for the article on community building.

Justified In the courtroom, the defendant justified his actions. Listed The reporter listed the counties affected by the tornado warning. Mandated Congress mandated that by February all television broadcasts will use digital television DTV.

Mentioned The librarian mentioned at least 5 other relevant journals. Ordered The president of the company ordered that arbitration take place before a strike. Smith, an epidemiologist, offered a new interpretation of the data.

Predicted Doctors predicted the patient would make a full recovery. Promised The candidates promised to improve the situation. Proved Mathematicians proved the theorem is valid. Questioned The teacher questioned the students' understanding of the Socratic Method.

Recommended Both job interviewers recommended that the applicant be hired. Related Each storyteller related their own version of the fairy tale. Reported At the board of directors meeting Mr.

Jones, the chief financial officer CFOreported on the expenses incurred during the fiscal year. Requested Audience members at the concert requested two encores.

Restated During the review, the students restated some key ideas to make sure they understood the material. Sang The musicians sang every verse of the song. Spoke The valedictorian spoke to the graduating class.Academic writing often requires verbs that refer to another author's work (observes, states, ignores, etc.).

These verbs help convey the tone, or author's attitude toward the subject. This learning exercise provides an explanation of.

Academic verbs are more formal than the kind of verbs that you use in interpersonal communication. If you are not certain if your verbs are academic (or not), there is a list below.

Writing a Summary. Step 1:Take a few minutes to preview the work. Academic Language Reporting Verbs Other words you can use instead of “says” or -In your writing, double check verb, noun, adjective, and adverb use. -Use as much of the knowledge reviewed so far to practice .

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academic writing reporting verbs exercises grade

3 Chapter 3. How do I effectively communicate my ideas? Sandra Collins. Before moving on to editorial style in this chapter, I chose to focus first on writing style in the first two chapters (see the Introduction for a reminder of the difference).

I have made this choice because of the logical flow of the writing process and because the content of your message is the most important element of.

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