Bog bodies report

Bogs have a living surface which is made of a carpet of Sphagnum mosses. This is floating on a thick layer of partly rotted plant material that is soaking wet.

Bog bodies report

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption A CT scan of Cashel Man showing the compressed state of the remains that are years older than Tutankhamen Cashel Man has had the weight of the world on his shoulders, quite literally, for 4, years.

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Compressed by the peat that has preserved his remains, he looks like a squashed, dark leather holdall. Apart, that is, from one forlorn arm that stretches out and upward and tells us something of the deliberate and extremely violent death that he suffered years before Tutankhamen was born.

He was discovered in by a bog worker in Cashel bog in County Laois. When the remains are brought out of the freezer, it is hard to tell that this was ever a human being. Kings of the wild frontier? Scientists say that there were significant clues to the social status of three bog bodies found in Ireland since the start of this century Clonycavan Man L was said to be wearing a type of expensive, imported hair gel Old Croghan Man C had finely manicured nails Cashel Man R was found very close to the inauguration site for the kings of Laois "It does look like mangled peat at first," says researcher Carol Smith.

This prevents it deteriorating when exposed to room temperatures. As we peer at the glistening bog-tanned body, we can see small, dark hairs on the skin, and a trail of vertebrae along his back.

Experts say that the remains of Cashel Man are extremely well preserved for his age. Radiocarbon dating suggests that he is the earliest bog body with intact skin known anywhere in the world.

He is from the early Bronze Age in Ireland about 4, years ago. Bog bodies with internal organs preserved have cropped up in many countries including Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland and Spain.

Bog bodies report

Violent death in the bogs But in Ireland, with its flat central, peaty plain, they have been particularly plentiful. In the past 10 years, there have been two other significant finds, in varying states of decay. Both Clonycavan Man and Old Croghan Man, who were discovered inwere violently killed but the preservative powers of the bog have allowed science to piece together their stories.

Another critical element is acidity. The bog destroys the DNA, depriving researchers of genetic information and making it very difficult for Irish people to claim descent from these ancients. Image caption Researchers have to keep the remains of Cashel Man moist to prevent deterioration at room temperature The Iron Age bodies of Clonycavan Man and Old Croghan Man are on display at the museum, which sits in a wing of Leinster House, the Irish parliament.

You can see those arms cradling a baby, or caressing a lover, or wielding a sword Eamonn Kelly, National Museum of Ireland Eamonn Kelly is the long-time Keeper of Irish Antiquities and a man who has worked on all the major bog body finds.

He is an archaeologist of the old school, with a deep knowledge of Irish and European mythology and symbolism. He patiently explains the stories behind the bodies on display, where the well-preserved hands are a striking feature.

You can see those arms cradling a baby, or caressing a lover, or wielding a sword. Eamonn, or Ned as he is universally known, has developed a theory that connects the significant finds made in Ireland. He argues that the bodies, all male and aged between 25 and 40, suffered violent deaths as victims of human sacrifice.

Image caption The preserved hairs on the skin of Cashel Man seem to be still alive "If these calamities should occur, the king will be held personally responsible.

He will be replaced, he will pay the price, he will be sacrificed. He suffered significant violent injuries to his back, and his arm shows evidence of a cut from a sword or axe.

However, a critical piece of information that would cement this argument is missing. In the other two bog body cases, says Eamonn Kelly, the nipples had been deliberately damaged. As part of that decommissioning, their nipples are mutilated.

This is a decommissioning of the king in this life and the next. But he may not be the last. As the midland bogs are depleted, the scientists believe they could find other bodies of a similar age.

Isabella Mulhall says there are indications that it could be the same age as Cashel Man. But we have to confirm that with carbon dating," she says.

In the future, Cashel Man is likely to join the other bodies in the National Museum.

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Like the others, he will be treated sympathetically and with some reverence. This is hugely important to Eamonn Kelly and all the staff. I think if we can tell that story in some small measure we can give a little added meaning to those lives that were cut short.RTE Archives has shared a television news report from , two years after a bog body was found in Laois.

A mummified body was uncovered by a Bord na Mona worker at Cúl na Móna bog .

Lindow Man marked the first discovery in Britain of a well-preserved bog body; its condition was comparable to that of Grauballe Man and Tollund Man from Lindow Man was found, it was estimated that 41 bog bodies had been found in England and Wales and 15 in Scotland. Test Log: 8/ Dr. SCP Generation Log I've decided to begin by testing the limits of repeated replication. A single SCP egg will be introduced per sample. Due to their rapid multiplication, maggot volume does not affect their speed of operation, only the size of the organism to be reconstructed. Bog bodies, also known as bog people, are preserved human bodies found in sphagnum bogs in Northern Europe, Great Britain and Ireland. Unlike most ancient human remains, bog bodies have retained their skin and internal organs due to the unusual conditions of the surrounding area. These conditions include highly acidic water, cold temperature, and a lack of oxygen, combining to preserve .

The bog bodies in this report are the Windeby Girl, Lindow Man, Tollund Man, Grauballe Man and the Elling Woman. Also, there is information on where they died, what their last meal was and how they died. THE BOG BODY On 13 May a load of peat was churned up by mechanical diggers working on Lindow Moss, in Cheshire, England.

The peat was destined for a mill, where machines would remove the rubbish from it so that it could be turned YEAR 7 Bog Body Report Author. Mar 20,  · In her book Bog Bodies Uncovered, archaeologist Miranda Aldhouse-Green argues in favor of human sacrifice, the Atlantic reports.

Forensic examinations of the bodies. Europe’s Famed Bog Bodies Are Starting to Reveal Their Secrets High-tech tools divulge new information about the mysterious and violent fates met by these corpses.

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