Business environmenttable of contents 11 identify

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Business environmenttable of contents 11 identify

Analyze the factors which have impact to behavior of employee at work In Vietnam, we chose Petrolimex and in England we aim to Tesco, this report of organization will show you information of business model and business environment in Vietnam and England.

Analysis Before we begin report about two company were selected, we will identify the difference type of organization: In this business can have some advantages and disadvantage, advantage is you can hold all the sales profit with your business and easy to respond quickly to the market and easy to change the trend of social.

For example, a grocery store, clothing store or repair-electronic shop, etc. The financial will rise more than sole trader for sure, but the responsible, they have to share together to do task. Moreover, do partnership easy to make customer have more believe, bring a high credibility to supplier.

Linux, Microsoft, Apple are example for this type. Is a person who can take all legal responsibility for the owner of company. Specifically, company have 2 types, Ltd and Plc, both of them are limited liability company, but about Ltd just have less people know and only have the member inside like a member in family, in class.

Plc is opposite, it is known by many people outside, can be sold and traded to the public. In the simplest form, a franchisor has the right to the Business environmenttable of contents 11 identify or brand of their own and can sell the rights to a branch a franchisee that.

It is considered to be the name brand or product name. In a more complex form, franchising build a broader relationship development and always exist between the two sides. Franchisees usually require a full-service format, including: Large business have many advantages about great resources and when a company have advantages, disadvantage always happen, like partnership, hard to control and it have to lose many time to be stable.

BPP learning media p. But it is resources contribute to industrial development. BPP Learning media p. BPP Learning Media p.

The task of it usually aim to social purpose and people like airport, railway, gas plant, etc. The main field of business is import and export petrolimex and oil trading, oil refinery - petrochemical, investments in other enterprises to business sectors that are Petrolimex business and other business sectors in accordance with law.

Besides the areas related to petroleum, Petrolimex investment business in the industry: Tesco Plc is a supermarket group, it have many kind of product like food, drink, cosmetics, household items, clothing and many things.

Besides, with retailers, Besides, Tesco is a growing Petrolimex owns gas group in the UK, they have stations across Vietnam, out of over 3, stores and more about 13, service stations by thancolleagues all economic sectors Petrolimex around the world, therefore vice director general and Mr.

Tesco Vision Petrolimex create a new Tesco has a panoramic view environment, helping to and spacious. They set out cultivate more knowledge, not what they want to be: Petrolimex promoted the - Offering to customers position, role and function of the best value and the trade union organization, the most competitive price organization continues to value for money innovate, content and method - meet the needs of of operation for team building customers by constantly CNVC-Labor unions and searching and collecting stronger, making it strong opinion innovation changes in the actions of each - providing shareholders employee Petrolimex gas with progressive Corporation, contributing to the - developing talents of development corporation people by management grows, job security, living practices standards for workers.

Through a comparison chart of the two companies, we can see the difference forms of this two companies. About Tesco, they just focus on the customers, produce products in accordance with customer satisfaction but profitable and beneficial for individuals because this is private.

Petrolimex is opposite, they aim to customer but their goals are serving the community. Value of Tesco simply is everyday-value, it just for customers need and that will bring out relationship, customers loyalty and satisfaction, but value of Petrolimex was not so, their value is diversity, is the legacy of national, people and economics.

It not only focus to develop the group, but also is the obligation for national by traditional history. However, Tesco development is successful because they just aim to customer and only find out how profitable to themselves instead of have to attention to public, to country.

Analyze the factors which have impact to behavior of employee at work Through this chart, you can see here is the organizational chart of TescoPlc company, headed by Managing Director, this position take responsibility for the all part and find how to develop the company, it given the necessary strategies, how to manage personnel and maintain the company's machines, then give way research and development.

Under Managing Director have 5 other sections as: Human resources, finance, Administration ICT support, marketing and sales, customer service For the role of Human Resources, take responsible to train staff to enhance the skills, knowledge and experience in dealing with customers in trade, especially with this role, how to recruit new members are also important.

About administration ICT support, they do the office work such as collecting and distributing mail, record keeping, organizing meetings, suppose, for customers in TescoPlc members and today has chapters Tesco promotions to customers, IT will send mail about the specific information to customers.

Identify and describe ways in which the business stakeholders of contrasting organizational meet stated business purposes. It may sound strange coming from a big business, but at Tesco we really care about doing the right thing. And the reason we are making such a big deal of it on the site of our recruitment is simple: Finally, customer services, through what the role of human resource personnel were well trained, the service issues will be an advantage for Tesco customers want to buy the phone, staff specializing in IT sector will take care of the customer and help maintenance.

How did the structure affected Tesco Tesco is one of the few organizations who have adopted the mode of having two organizational structures.

Both for a different purpose so that the system is clean, transparent and less complex for the employees.JD Edwards environments.

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Operations Strategy in a Global Environment

Business Environment. Introduction. Business environment includes all of the internal and external factors that affect how the company functions including employees, customers, management, supply and demand and business regulations.

Business environment is dynamic in nature, that means, it keeps on changing. The changes in business environment are unpredictable%(2). Business Environment. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Table of Contents Introduction2 Task 13 Task 25 Task 36 Task 48 References10 BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Introduction: This assignment gives a description of business environment and its purposes, nature etc.

Business environment is the sum of two environments that is micro environment or internal environment and macro environment or external .

Business environmenttable of contents 11 identify

Identify a workplace and identify an administrative system that requires review or planning. A mining company needs to review a computer network that has been used in the company for last 10 years because the company has a plan to run a business in another state.

Chapter 11 E-Commerce.

Nature of business activity - notes

Learning Objectives 1. Explain what e-commerce is and describe some of the Identify a variety of e-commerce business models and discuss their differences. 3. Discuss the types of Web sites that can be used to implement e-commerce. 4. List several strategies for implementing e-commerce using.

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