Business plan competition in bangladesh bengali

The first step to run a great business is to have an idea that has a great business plan in place. In a way to provide the right platform and support for students with great ideas, the top engineering and business schools in the country have their own business plan competitions where eminent panel of judges judge these plans and the winners get to mentorship and other support apart from the prize in these competitions. There are hundreds of bPlan competitions across the globe but only a handful take these business plans beyond the plan stage. The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay, acts as a place for all those who want to the unbeaten paths and believe in leaving trails.

Business plan competition in bangladesh bengali

Then I advice you read on. Bangladesh happens to be the 8th most populous country in the world with a population that is well over Million. It is located in the southern eastern part of Asia and is bordered by Burma, India and Nepal.

The capital city and seat of power of Bangladesh is called Dhaka and its official language is Bengali, with English also widely spoken in the country. The economy of Bangladesh is a progressive one and it is considered to be among the next eleven emerging economies in the world.

It is a fact that Bangladesh is the birth place of microfinance banking with credit to the Noble Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. The economy of Bangladesh revolves basically around the exportation of textile and garments, seafood, jute and fish.

Agriculture is an important contributor to the economy of Bangladesh and the country is rated as one the largest cultivator and exporter of agriculture products such as; banana, mangopotato, tropical fruits, onion, rice, teafish, jute, pineapple amongst others.

The Government of Bangladesh is doing all they can to encourage foreign investors; hence the establishment of several export processing zones.

Now let us run through some of the business opportunities that are available to investors business plan competition in bangladesh bengali to Bangladesh. Food Processing Company The food processing sector in Bangladesh is indeed a thriving industry simply because of the cheap labor and cheap raw materials that are available in the country.

If you are an accredited investor and are looking for a place to establish a profitable company, then you should consider establishing a food processing company in Bangladesh because of all the positives you stand to gain. Rice Farming If you are game with farming as an investor, then you may want to consider giving rice farming a shot!

Bangladesh is one of the largest producers and exporter of rice globally and the market is still very much open for new investors. If you mean serious business, you should not only engage in rice farming, you should also be involved in rice processing, bagging and exportation as these are ways to generate more profit.

Textile and Garment Manufacturing No doubt Bangladesh is recognized globally as one of the leaders when it comes to the production of textile and garments.

This is so because the country can boast of cheap and vibrant labor and also cheap raw materials. Some big — time textile manufacturing companies in developed countries have their textile and garment factory established in Bangladesh because of cost effectiveness.

Open a Micro — Finance Bank Bangladesh is the birth place of micro financing and if you choose to establish your own micro — finance bank, then rest assured that you would sure make profits, because the business concept is well understood and accepted by its citizens.

If you intend establishing your own micro finance bank in Bangladesh, you would be required to have certain financial base and pay an amount before you can be granted a license operate. Fruits Plantation Bangladesh is highly suitable for the cultivation of crops such as banana, mango, tropical fruits, and pineapple amongst others.

If you establish your own fruits plantation, you would not only have to supply to the local markets but also to international markets. Bangladesh is one of the largest exporters of tropical fruits simply because it is cheaper compared to what you can get from other countries.

Seafood and Fish Business Another highly thriving business you can establish in Bangladesh is seafood and fish business. With a population of over million people, you can be sure of loads of people patronizing you and if you choose to go into exportation, there will also be a large international market waiting for you.

Freight Forwarding Business Most of the goods produced in Bangladesh are exported to the rest of the world hence a very thriving Freight forwarding industry.

All you would need to do to enter into this line of business is to register your company, obtain your operational license from the government, get a good location for your office and then market your services to companies that are into the production of goods.

Tea Production Company The soil composition and climatic condition in Bangladesh is highly suitable for the cultivation of tea.Doing Business in Bangladesh Although struggling with political instability and corruption, Bangladesh’s economy has grown % per year since It is also strategically located as the gateway to South and East Asian regions.

We were excited to sponsor the first-ever barista competition in Bangladesh, in partnership with Sanremo Coffee Machines and 3S.

business plan competition in bangladesh bengali

Vying for a grand prize of 50, Bangladeshi taka (about $), 16 local baristas displayed their skills in espresso preparation and latte art. The country operations business plan (COBP), – updates the Bangladesh COBP, –, 1 aligning it closely with the strategic priorities of the Bangladesh country partnership strategy (CPS), – Business Plan This is my favorite type of competition because it allows business students like me to demonstrate our understanding of business.

A detailed business plan is prepared in such competitions and finally its pitched to potential investors. In Bangladesh, its easier to open an ecommerce business than a traditional one even with 50, Taka.

Business Competitions For Bangladeshi Students

Here is a simple guidelines to start an E-commerce business in Bangladesh, given that you have a modest supply of Product Source. Read if you are the student of AIUB, Faculty of Business Administration. You are the student of AIUB FBA (first to second last semester).

You want us to help you to be the winner of any in-house and inter-university Business plan/case competition.

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