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Lesson Preparation Assessment overview The SEE TEFL Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to speakers of other languages is awarded to candidates who have completed the course and who have met all the criteria for all written and practical assignments. One is given for the mark they achieve in a formal examination of their knowledge at the end of the language awareness course.

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We are really pleased you found this resource helpful. Best wishes and happy teaching! The onestopenglish team Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment Sergio Wed, 11 Jul 9: They help all my students.

Report this comment Anonymous Wed, 11 Jul 9: Report this comment Web Editor Tue, 26 Sep The video currently on the page is hosted on YouTube, so I have added a downloadable version for you. If you look under 'Related files' you will see an. There is no problem at all with rights if you are using the video in the classroom.

I'm not sure if the file format will play on your school's particular DVD player though - from personal experience, some play mp4s fine and some struggle - so I'd recommend checking in advance of the lesson, to avoid any issues.

I can dowload on my home computer. What's the best way to download the videos--directly to a USB drive? Then take it to class to show onscreen? No problem with rights? Thanks, Tim Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment Web Editor Mon, 17 Jul 9: Here is the link to YouTube: Best wishes, Unsuitable or offensive?

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Report this comment Graham17 Mon, 17 Jul 7: I can't open it from here, but might be able to open it directly from the YouTube website. Thank you Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment Web Editor Thu, 8 Dec 9: Very glad to hear that you found this lesson so useful and hopefully the beauty products you ordered arrive without any hitches!

Report this comment domel Wed, 7 Dec 6: Student level B1-B2 We have tried the vocabulary on a shopping website and ordered beauty products for Christmas. Report this comment Web Editor Fri, 21 Oct 4: Do you have any plans to take a DELTA and what form does your professional development take at the moment?

On the site, we have some interviews with teachers about professional development which might make interesting viewing: Report this comment Previous Page.Learn English in one of the Biggest English Language Schools in Malta and Gozo.

English Courses at IELS Malta. Our Cambridge English CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course, which we offer on a full and a part-time basis, is perfect for you if you: hope to start a career in English language teaching abroad or in the UK would like a qualification which is recognised worldwide as.

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CELTA Focus On The Learner Assignment (case study). This assignment requires you to produce a case study of two of your students. It gives you an opportunity to observe learners carefully and consider their learning background, motivation and learning style.5/5(43).

Serious Teachers is an active directory of teachers and employers with job offers in search of one another at home or abraod. This lesson focuses on common words and expressions used for online shopping and contains detailed teacher’s notes, worksheets and a .

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