Eco 550 assignment 3

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Eco 550 assignment 3

TFF is a leading brand of frozen foods for those looking to minimize their caloric intake. The economic focus will center upon two demand equations. The data pool for the equations consists of the reported demand of TFF from 26 supermarkets throughout the United States for the month of April.

Eco 550 assignment 3 the manager must consider the market equilibrium price of TFF if all factors that affect demand other than price remain constant. Calculations Demand analysis has three objectives in the managerial application of economics McGuigan, p.

Elasticity is a common measure used to determine the responsiveness of the amount demanded or supplied dependent upon changes in the non-price determinants of demand McGuigan, p.

The regression equation used to compute the elasticities of TFF is as follows, the standard errors of demand are noted in parentheses. Below are the values solved for each independent variable and the results are either elastic or inelastic as mentioned above: The Demand Curve The chart and calculations below represent the quantity demanded and the quantity supplied of TFF meals if all factors affecting demand remain constant other than price.

The prices used to plot the curves raise intervals in increments of dollars. The supply and demand curves intersect at the value of P The most significant factor that causes a shift in the supply or demand curve of TFF include price and income.

A dollar decrease in price from dollars to dollars creates an inelastic demand elasticity of 0. This coincides with the law of demand that a decrease in price means an increase in quantity demanded. If the consumer income decreases, even with the discounted price if it drops too low consumers will consider substitute goods such as a store brand of the product.

This demand equation proves efficient due to its consistency in calculations rather algebraically, graphically, or formulated in excel. Another measure of accuracy of forecasting of this demand equation is considering the standard errors.

The standard errors of this equation are relatively low allowing even more certainty to the assumptions taken from the analysis of the demand elasticity. Elasticity -- Research Starters Business, 1. Retrieved April 26,from http: Retrieved May 1,from http:Running Head: LONG-TERM INVESTMENT DECISIONS 1 Assignment #3: Long-Term Investment Decisions ChaiponAnudej ECO Managerial Economic and Globalization Dr Elkanah Faux Aug 29, Running Head: LONG-TERM INVESTMENT DECISIONS 2 Introduction A low calorie foodstuff or a healthy option of food is a fresh concept .

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Eco 550 assignment 3

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