Intellectual destruction of a society it

A NASA-funded study says it is. According to a study published in Ecological Economics and funded by NASA, our industrial civilization may follow the fate of Mayans, Romans, and other civilizations that collapsed in the past. As the paper states:

Intellectual destruction of a society it

It appears that the instructor introduced the term genocide in his lecture only to suggest that it was inapplicable—since it was not a product of a premeditated conspiracy and since most Natives died of disease. After the student did some research on the matter she decided to raise her concerns in a subsequent class.

According to the news story, the instructor asked her to come speak with him after class to continue the conversation, but the student refused to back down and insisted on discussing this topic in front of the class.

At this point the instructor maintained that the student was hijacking the class. Though this was contested by the university as impossible, news accounts suggested that the instructor proceeded to expel the student form the course.

What shook me most about this story is that I know many historians who might have answered in a similar manner.

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Indeed, a while ago I might have argued along similar lines—though I do think I would have handled it better. When I studied American history I never heard the word genocide pronounced in class or in any informal discussions of American history—indeed, I barely heard much about Native Americans at all.

The foundational sin of American history, as I knew it, was slavery, not genocidal extermination of Natives.

When I first heard the word genocide employed to portray Native American history, I was a bit confused. After all, if anyone would know, it would be historians. And genocide is a big and loaded term not to be used as an afterthought.

Having studied and read more American history and particularly history of Native peoples, I am not only frustrated with—and ashamed at—myself for thinking as I did, but with the American historical establishment that has refused to fully scrutinize its complicity in colonial and settler colonial projects.

It is time we talk about genocide so that history teachers and students do not continue to perpetuate this reprehensible complicity.

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At the very least we can teach the history of Native peoples and openly discuss the applicability of the term. Furthermore, the very notion of accusing a student of hijacking a class is reflective of how warped our notions of teaching are.

So let us review the UN definition for genocide. In North America the story of genocidal violence begins with the first incursions of Spanish Conquistadores into the North American continent during the 16th century and runs until the end of the 19th century. Over three hundred years Europeans and Euro Americans engaged in practices of total violence with the intent of eliminating populations.

Indeed, almost every time white people engaged in violence with Natives—which ultimately occurred in the case of the vast majority of interactions with Native groups—the affair ended with Europeans unleashing total warfare with the intent of extirpation.

Intellectual destruction of a society it

We do not need to focus on well known murderous sprees, such as the Pequot Massacre also known as the Mystic Massacrethe Gnadenhutten Massacreor the Sand Creek Massacre to realize that the agenda of the settler colonial project in America was to eliminate Natives so white people could inherit their land—by whatever means necessary.Intellectual Destruction of a Society: “It Was a Pleasure to Burn” Essay Intellectual destruction of a society: “It was a pleasure to burn” Fahrenheit paints a vivid picture of group thinking societies today and the cultural downfall which their destined to embody.

Fragility is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think certain ideas are dangerous, or are encouraged to do so by trigger warnings and safe spaces, you will be more anxious in the long run. Intellectual safety not only makes free and open debate impossible, it is setting up a generation for more anxiety and depression.

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The WTO’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), Governments grant creators these rights as an incentive to produce and spread ideas that will benefit society as a whole. to order the disposal or destruction of goods infringing intellectual property rights.

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