Interaction design master thesis pdf

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Interaction design master thesis pdf

Home can mean such different things to different people, the idea of home is to a large extent subjective and individually defined. In the design process the focus often remains on the house rather than then the home.

interaction design master thesis pdf

However, home may not be only an individual definition, there may be common threads that we connect to the feeling of home and which could facilitate the integration of home into the design of a house. This thesis aims to clarify those common threads and more specifically, through a design proposal for a short-term residency, show how certain design criteria can be used to capture the feeling of home in a dwelling that is only temporary to the inhabitants.

When defining the design criteria, I studied existing buildings designed by architects that have worked with similar aspects or criteria. I looked into how they had worked around the idea of home and how they used different designs to capture the relevant aspects of home in their buildings.

Finally I designed a proposal for a short-term artist residency by applying my design criteria in order to make it feel like home. Wellbeing, time, familiarity, organization and privacy summarize the main elements we generally connect to the definition of home.

interaction design master thesis pdf

Based on those, the following design criteria were applied in the design of my short term artist residency to capture the feeling of home: Nature enhances our feeling of wellbeing and familiarity and an integrated design with the surroundings improves our feeling of belonging and hence home.

Space and size play an important role in our way to adapt and manage the space to become our own and the possibility to organize our things and our thoughts in a new space is crucial to make us feel like home. From a social sustainability aspect, my short-term artist residency through its design encourages the interaction with others as well as the participation in the construction process - both by inhabitants and locals in the area.GAZE-ENHANCED USER INTERFACE DESIGN A DISSERTATION The design of interaction techniques which use gaze-information to provide additional context and information to computing systems has Michael Bernstein shared the code for his Master’s thesis with me, which.

AN INTEGRATED UML BASED MODEL FOR DESIGN ANALYSIS Abstract by Adam McDonald, M.S. Washington State University May Chair: Orest Pilskalns In software engineering, there is a strong movement towards \Design First" and. This thesis deals with interaction design for a class of upcoming computer tech- nologies for human use characterized by being different from traditional desktop com- puters in their physical appearance and the contexts in which they are used.

Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science (METALS) This interdisciplinary program trains students to design, develop and evaluate evidenced-based programs for learning in traditional and nontraditional settings.

Master’s Thesis Research Proposals (Ideas for Thesis Research) Some faculty may also refer to HCI as interaction design or user experience design.

The key is that this perspective of product development employs a user-centered approach in the design and usability testing of . I approach this problem from many facets: from the low-level work of providing high-fidelity touch interaction on everyday surfaces, easily transforming these surfaces into enormous touchscreens; to the high-level questions surrounding the interaction design between physical and virtual realms.

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