Mesopotamia writing assignment topics

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Mesopotamia writing assignment topics

Hire Writer The Paleolithic people were speculated to be nomadic and move in groups of twenty or so people. They had to go where the vegetation was best and where the animal migration was headed; this was the cause of them being nomadic.

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Hunting was a systematic process that needed careful and precise calculating to achieve the desired results. Over the years, the improvements made to tools helped with the hunting. The spear and the bow and arrow were tools that helped dramatically with easing the burden of hunting, as well as fishhooks and harpoons.

Both women and men had the duty to find food. While women stayed closer to the camps since one of their responsibilities was the children, they stayed busy gathering all the various foods they could, while the men went out and hunted the animals. The nature of the society was neither patriarchal nor matriarchal, everyone was equal.

Mesopotamia writing assignment topics there was so much work to be done to survive, and the work was divided equally, there was more of a sense of teamwork than one gender dominating the other. The shelter for the Paleolithic people was found in caves and then later tents made from animal hide and sticks.

Because wood was hard to come by, the bones of the animals they hunted were used as a replacement where wood was needed. Fire was their main source of heat and light, and also provided a way to cook their food.

Their way of life and ability to adjust to their environment was their key to survival. The tools they created and improved, and the use of fire, were two extremely vital technological innovations that enabled survival for these people.

However, beyond their ability and will to survive, they also adopted several cultural traditions that have been passed down.

They actively took part in cave paintings as a part of their cultural. In fact, some still exist in certain areas of the world, such as France.

mesopotamia writing assignment topics

Most of their paintings were of animals, and the animals painted were the type that the Paleolithic people did not hunt. This observation has caused speculation that the cave paintings were not only a part of their culture, but perhaps even some sort of religious ritual.

The ice age ended around 10, B. The shift from hunting and gathering to a system of agriculture was the biggest change during this time.

mesopotamia writing assignment topics

There was planting of crops, as opposed to gathering earth grown food from the wild, and there was raising of animals instead of hunting. This new agricultural lifestyle allotted the humans more management over their environment and the ability to stay where they wanted to live and give up the nomadic way of life.

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Because their homelands were more permanent then before, this initiated the invention of more stable homes and shelters. The mud brick was discovered and people began building their homes out of this material. Many other changes followed, and soon the lifestyle and survival techniques that the Paleolithic people relied on heavily for so long was no longer a needed or appropriate way of life.

New ideas led to innovation that changed the past ideas completely. The emergence of civilization followed the transition from the Paleolithic lifestyle to the more civilized society. It went from small, simple cultures that were centered on survival, to the development of civilizations.

A civilization involved several characteristics such as an urban focus, a distinct religious structure, new political and military structures, a new economic based social structure, the development of writing, and new forms of art and entertainment.

This is where the society and culture of the prehistoric hunter-gatherers differ to that of the Mesopotamian civilizations. The Sumerians were the founders of Mesopotamia, but where they originated from is still not a definite. Mesopotamia was a valley in between the Euphrates and the Tigris River.

Not a large amount of rain fell there, but the soil was rich because of silt that had been deposited by the two rivers. However, the land would only receive this silt from the rivers when there had been enough melting snow from the winter.

This caused farming to be unpredictable at times. Due to these circumstances, farming could only be done when people built drainage ditches and irrigation ditches. A complex system to control the rivers was required to be able to produce crops. Farming was difficult because of the uncontrolled flooding; everything had to be timed just right.History: Kilgore College is a publicly supported, two-year, comprehensive community college offering postsecondary educational opportunities.

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Note: Cuneiform continued to be used in Mesopotamia well into the first millennium BCE, however, as this lesson is concentrating on the early development of the writing system the timeline in this activity will end before cuneiform writing ceased to be used.

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