Naming a pharmaceutical brand a product

Youthful Please note — this list will vary depending on where you are in the world so you need to double check your local regulations. The FDA in the USA for instance objects to any claims that relate to cosmetics having an effect on the structure of the skin e.

Naming a pharmaceutical brand a product

Sep 30,  · Hi, Generic drug names are usually named after the name of the active chemical/substance within the drug. The commercial/brand name is virtually named the same way but tends to have a twist on that name or a made-up name that sounds good and "marketable". Welcome to the Cetie website Cetie is a membership-based widely recognised mainly European inter-professional organisation of industry experts (users and producers) to produce technical reference documentation – voluntary standards and best practice guides – to achieve high quality standards in the bottling industry. Merocef is the preparation of Cefuroxime. It is in the treatment of mild to moderate infections as - Upper respiratory tract infections-ear, nose and throat infections such as .

Changes in legislation have significantly altered the marketing and advertising of pharmaceutical products. What was once a fairly stodgy, static industry has now become increasing dynamic and a new emphasis in brand name development has emerged.

Unlike consumer products, most pharmaceutical products typically have three names associated with them — their chemical name, their generic name and their brand name.


With direct-to-consumer targeting possibilities, pharmaceutical companies can establish significant brand equity and market share domination. The process of developing chemical, generic names and ultimately a brand name for a pharmaceutical product is extremely complicated.

Brandings strongly advises securing a patent and trademark attorney — specializing in pharmaceutical products — to guide your firm through the labyrinth of applications and processes. Brandings can help when it comes to selecting a brand name for a pharmaceutical product.

The more distinctive and unique a pharmaceutical product name is, the easier it is to protect the name from use by others. Names can be categorized on a sliding scale of uniqueness. The most distinctive are invented names, followed by arbitrary names, evocative names, literal names and finally generic names that have no legal protection.

These names are unique, distinctive and highly brandable. Arbitrary names are existing words used for products that have no logical relationship to the goods for which the term is used. Evocative names elicit or draw forth a positive association.

Evocative names are short and meaningful and call up a good feeling. Literal names are fairly straight forward.

Literal names follow the primary or strict meaning of the word or words and are not figurative or metaphorical.

Naming a pharmaceutical brand a product

Generic names have no legal protection and cannot be registered or protected. Brandings maintains an extensive inventory of pharmaceutical names including: Available Names for a Pharmaceutical Company:Free Naming Newsletter!

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Naming a pharmaceutical brand a product

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Specialty medicines Our consumer healthcare joint venture with P&G combines P&G’s deep understanding of consumers and brand-building with our strengths in pharmaceutical development and sales. Discover more. Brand Name Development We name businesses that eventually make a name in the industry.

If you ever attempted naming a company or brand, you probably would’ve noticed how difficult it is to get that perfect name which no one else has. 6) Once a name passes the trademark tests and surpassed regulatory hurdles (if necessary), the brand name still has obstacles ahead.

Healthcare marketers need a name that speaks to a variety of audiences, whether it is a product name or corporate name. include this in the product name, e.g. where there are multiple active ingredients usually containing substances such as glycerol or liquid paraffin.

The pharmaceutical form should be described by a.

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