Polina solovyeva writing a cover

Scientific novelty of the research is the fact that complex studies of medical supplies in infant psych neurological health centers will be first held in SKO. The structure of nosology of diseases of disabled children and their social-hygienic characteristics will be first revealed and characterized. The recommendations on optimization of medical supplies of ill children with frequently occurring nosology diseases will be first worked out. The possibilities of perspective development of medico-pedagogic rehabilitation of mentally retarded children in special institutions will be first recommended.

Polina solovyeva writing a cover

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The clock is counting A new start: Voskhod 5 and a female EVA? German test-pilot Mach 1 and beyond Men were engineers; women were computers Brassieres, capstans and rocket-plane pilots Alice King Chatham: The ISS and women's health From outer space to inner space: Foreword I have often been asked if it was my childhood dream to become an astronaut.

The answer is 'no'. The thought never occurred to me until I was thirty-two years old. When Sputnik orbited the Earth inI was only five years old, and as aware of the significance of the event as most other Japanese were: The 'space firsts' that marked the next decades inspired me to read the biographies of the history-makers; but that was the extent of my interest in space exploration, which seemed to be another world entirely.

My childhood dream was much more immediate and personal. I wanted to be a doctor, and to help those, Hke my younger brother, suffering from diseases. He had aseptic necroses - a rare disease which made his leg bones brittle. Our family watched him struggle to walk, and the teasing by other children made our hearts heavy with sadness.

My parents eventually took him to a big university hospital in Tokyo, and as his condition improved, so did my determination to become a doctor. When I was ten, a composition I wrote in school, entitled 'What will I be in the future?

I left my parents' home at fourteen, and moved to Tokyo to prepare for medical school. After years of education and formal training, I became a doctor, speciahsing in cardiovascular surgery. Then, one morning in Decemberas I was relaxing in my office after a night on duty in the intensive care unit, a newspaper article caught me by surprise.

The Japanese space agency was looking for candidates to fly onboard the Space Shuttle in I literally shouted, 'Gee!


Can someone from Japan actually fly in space? I did not know that a German had flown on Spacelab 1 just days earher, much less that a Czech, a Pole, another German, a Bulgarian, a Hungarian, a Vietnamese, a Cuban, a Mongolian, a Romanian and a Frenchman had already flown to Soviet space stations.

I did not even know that we had had a Japanese space agency - the National Space Development Agency - since The article held another surprise for me: But were not astronauts always pilots and aviators? We were now entering the era of space utiHsation.

polina solovyeva writing a cover

I became more intrigued with the possibiHty of seeing our beautiful blue planet from outer space with my own eyes. Would such a magnificent sight deepen my way of thinking and expand my concept of Hfe itself? At the same time, I was fascinated by the possibiHty of using the spaceflight environment - especially weightlessness for research purposes.

Here was an opportunity to contribute my medical expertise to the space programme. One thought did not cross my mind, however, and for a long time it surprised me when people asked, 'Did you think that, as a woman, you had any reahstic chance of being selected?

I saw myself only as one human candidate among hundreds of applicants. Perhaps I would have been reassured to hear that a second Russian woman had flown in space just a year earher; that the US had already selected eight women as career astronauts; that Sally Ride had flown onboard the Shuttle just six months earlier; that she and five other women were in training for impending Shuttle missions; that a woman was about to be one of the first six Canadian astronauts; and that two other women scientists were already candidates to fly on future Spacelab science missions.

But that information never penetrated my intensely focused and sleep-deprived medical bubble.

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Not that it would have mattered. In any professional or personal endeavour, my approach has always been, 'If I want to do something - and I beheve I can do it well Foreword xv - then I will overcome any obstacles and challenges, and go for it!Polina is a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter whose recent collabs include Felix Jaehn 'Book Of Love' and Eminem 'Legacy' among many others.

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Aug 25,  · The opening scenes of "Polina," co-directed by collaborators Valerie Muller and world-renowned French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, thrust you into the world where the majority of a dancer's life is spent: in class. It is a humorless world, nothing peripheral allowed, just the body straining against gravity.3/5.

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