Prison is a solution to the prevention of violence

Having received a dire report from Georgia-based prison design firm Rosser International Inc. Against this background, the County began accepting bids for a inmate private prison. There was only one catch. As fate would have it, Mooreland won the bid and in began to build what became the Victor Valley Medium Community Correctional Facility in Adelanto, California; which is about miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Prison is a solution to the prevention of violence

However, the great majority of people have been tricked into believing in the efficacy of imprisonment, even though the historical record clearly demonstrates that prisons do not work. Anarchists also oppose prisons because a significant number of inmates are non-violent offenders.

In Octobermembers at a plenary session of the National Lawyers Guild NLG released and adopted a resolution in favor of prison abolition. Proposals and tactics often include: Decreasing terms of imprisonment by abolishing mandatory minimum sentencing Decreasing ethnic disparity in prison populations Prison condition reforms Crime prevention rather than punishment Abolition of specific programs which increase prison population, such as the prohibition of drugs e.

Violence Prevention

Education programs to inform people who have never been in prison about the problems Fighting individual cases of wrongful conviction The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime published a series of handbooks on criminal justice.

Among them is Alternatives to Imprisonment which identifies how the overuse of imprisonment impacts fundamental human rights, especially those convicted for lesser crimes.

Social justice and advocacy organizations such as Students Against Mass Incarceration SAMI at the University of California, San Diego often look to Scandinavian countries Sweden and Norway for guidance in regards to successful prison reform because both countries have an emphasis on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Prison is a solution to the prevention of violence

A large part of the problem, according to some, is the way the judicial system deals with prisoners, people, and capital. They argue that there would be fewer prisoners if society treated people more fairly, regardless of gender, color, ethnic background, sexual orientation, education, etc.

Its shareholders benefit from the expansion of prisons and tougher laws on crime. More prisoners is seen as beneficial for business. Instead, victims, especially those who are poor, people of color, or trans or gender non-conforming, can experience additional violence at the hands of the state.

Mental illness and prison[ edit ] Prison abolitionists such as Amanda Pustlinik take issue with the fact that prisons are used as a "default asylum" for many individuals with mental illness. Many of these prison abolitionists often state that mentally ill offenders, violent and non-violent, should be treated in mental hospitals not prisons.

According to many prison abolitionists however, when mentally ill persons, often for reasons outside of their cognitive control, commit illegal acts prisons are not the best place for them to receive the help necessary for their rehabilitation.

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The union also ended race-related violence within the prison, creating a general truce between ethnic truce and an agreement to kill any inmate who broke said truce. During the black prisoner's Kwanzaa celebration, the black prisoner's were placed under lockdown, angering the whole facility and leading to a general strike.

Prisoners refused to work or leave their cells for three months, leading to the guards beating prisoners, putting prisoners in solitary confinement, denying prisoners medical care and food.

The prisoners were granted more visitation rights and work programs. Angered by this, the prison guards went on strike and abandoned the prison, hoping that this would create chaos and violence throughout the prison.

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But the prisoners were able to create an anarchist community where recidivism dropped dramatically and murders and rapes fell to zero. The guards retook the prison after two months, leading to many prison administrators and bureaucrats quitting their jobs and embracing the prison abolition movement.The Prison Rape Elimination Act of (PREA; Public Law ) requires the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) to carry out a comprehensive statistical review and analysis of the incidence and effects of prison rape for each calendar year.

Insight Prison Project was founded in with one class for 14 male prisoners at San Quentin State Prison. Today, IPP offers unique and effective programs for thousands of men, women, and youth at 15 state prisons, three county jails, several reentry facilities, and one juvenile institution.

In , gang prevention programs were given a boost when state funding for gang violence suppression was augmented with state drug prevention dollars. Under the Office of Criminal Justice Planning, funds were made available throughout the state for drug and gang prevention and suppression programs at the community level.

Making Prisons Safe Dr Kimmett Edgar May, explain the solution. However they might find it difficult to found that 89 per cent of prisoners believed that violence in prison was inevitable.


When threats of violence are made credible by a high risk of assault, each party to a dispute. The Jail Sexual Assault Prevention project tests the application of violence reduction strategies informed by situational crime prevention (SCP) theory within three jail facilities.

The project collected and synthesized data from multiple sources in order to identify and implement interventions to address each facilitys unique safety challenges: an officer tour system in Site A, a recording. Like many small towns in the s, Littlefield thought prison-building would bring the kind of jobs needed to prevent young people from moving away.

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