The history of air bags

History of Automotive Airbags While the initial concept for many pieces of automotive equipment grew out of the early days of automotive history, the idea of the airbag did not surface until the early fifties. As with many good inventions, it begins with a good story. Hetrick, a retired industrial engineer, was out for a Sunday drive with his wife and 7-year old daughter Joan in Driving a Chrysler Windsor as they tooled down the road just outside Newport, Pennsylvania, the three sat together on the bench seat, a happy fifties family.

The history of air bags

Allen Breed pioneered airbags. Airbags are a type of automobile safety restraint like seatbelts. They are gas-inflated cushions built into the steering wheel, dashboard, door, roof, or seat of your car that use a crash sensor to trigger a rapid expansion to protect you from the impact of an accident.

Airbags Introduced Inthe Ford car company built an experimental airbag fleet. General Motors tested airbags on the model Chevrolet automobile that were only sold for government use. TheOldsmobile Toronado was the first car with a passenger air bag intended for sale to the public.

History of Air Bags and Their Importance.

Cadillacs were available with driver and passenger airbags options during those same years. Early airbags system had design issues resulting in fatalities caused solely by the airbags. Airbags were offered once again as an option on the Ford Tempo automobile.

The history of air bags

ByChrysler became the first company to offer air bag restraint systems as standard equipment. InTRW began production of the first gas-inflated airbag. They are now mandatory in all cars since Types of Airbags There are two types of airbags; frontal and the various types of side-impact airbags.

Advanced frontal air bag systems automatically determine if and with what level of power the driver frontal air bag and the passenger frontal air bag will inflate.

The appropriate level of power is based upon sensor inputs that can typically detect: There are three main types of SABs: Allen Breed - History of the Airbag Allen Breed was holding the patent to the only crash sensing technology available at the birth of the airbag industry.

However, rudemental patents for airbags go back to the s. Hedrik as early as Airbags.The Carter Administration mandated that all cars must be manufactured with either automatic seat belts or air bags by model year Allen Breed - History of the Airbag Allen Breed was holding the patent (U.S.

#5,,) to the only crash sensing technology available at the birth of the airbag industry. Breed invented a "sensor and safety system" in , the world's first electromechanical automotive airbag system.

Additional Vehicles Will Be Recalled: Additional air bags are scheduled to be recalled by December , bringing the total number of affected air bags to around million. These vehicles do not currently appear affected by this recall using a VIN search.

Broad commercial adoption of airbags occurred in many markets during the late s and early s with a driver airbag, and a front passenger airbag as well on some cars; and many modern vehicles now include six or more units.

Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier, paper mill owners, were trying to float bags made of paper and fabric. When the brothers held a flame near the opening at the bottom, the bag (called a balloon) expanded with hot air and floated upward.

The companies quickly discovered several challenges associated with this safety feature: it must be able to quickly and accurately sense a collision and it must inflate in 40 milliseconds or less.

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