The sociological perspective is how we

What is special about the way sociologists approach topics? The subject matter of sociology is quite often invisible or not directly observable. However sociologists can observe the consequences of such social characteristics as group pressure, authority, prestige and culture. They then form images of these concepts using what C Wright Mills has called the sociological imagination taking into account the influence in order to view their own society as an outsider might.

The sociological perspective is how we

The addition of the word social is to clearly distinguish Social Justice from the concept of Justice as applied in thelaw- state-administered systems, which label behavior as unacceptable and enforce a formal mechanism of control, may produce results that do not match the philosophical definitions of social justice - and from more informal concepts of justice embedded in systems of public policy and morality and which differ from culture to culture and therefore lack universality.


Social justice is also used to refer to the overall fairness of a society in its divisions and distributions of rewards and burdens and, as such, the phrase has been adopted by political parties with a redistributive agenda. Social Justice derives its authority from the codes of morality prevailing in each The sociological perspective is how we.

By gathering together into bands and communities, humans seek to gain strength and to address their vulnerabilities which, in turn, creates the potential to develop into more complex and evolving civilisations.

A social organisation will be needed to resolve disputes and offer physical security against attack. The achievement of community aims will depend upon the co-ordination of many functional specializations such as farmers for food, soldiers for protection and rulers for resource management and a willingness of community members to sacrifice some personal freedom for the greater good.

So, would defining or administering justice become one of these specializations and, as such, be the exclusive responsibility of any one class of citizens?

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People will not accept the surrender of any of their freedoms unless they perceive real benefits flowing from their decisions. The key factor is likely to be the emergence of a consensus that the society is working in a fair way, i. Hence, true social justice is attained only through the harmonious co-operative effort of the citizens who, in their own self-interest, accept the current norms of morality as the price of membership in the community.

The next major impetus for the development of the concept came from Christianity. Thomas Aquinas says, "Justice is a certain rectitude of mind whereby a man does what he ought to do in the circumstances confronting him.

The sociological perspective is how we

This reflects the Christian view that, before God, all people are equal and must treat each other with respect. Hence, the framework of the argument shifts to require obedience to natural principles of morality to satisfy a duty owed to God, and the outcome of social justice is driven by the tenets of morality embedded in the religion.

John Lockean early theologist Utilitarain argued that people have innate natural goodness and beauty, and so, in the long run, if individuals rationally pursue their private happiness and pleasure, the interests of the society or the general welfare will be looked after fairly.

Locke characterised most of Christianity as utilitarian since believers see utility in rewards in the afterlife for their actions on Earth. Immanuel Kant believed that actions are morally right if they are motivated by duty without regard to any personal goal, desire, motive, or self-interest.

In his view, the only relevant feature of moral law is its universalisability. In the latter part of the twentieth century, the concept of Social Justice has largely been associated with the political philosopher John Rawls who draws on the utilitarian insights of Bentham and Mill, the social contract ideas of Locke, and the categorical imperative ideas of Kant.

His first statement of principle was made in A Theory of Justice where he proposed that, "Each person possesses an inviolability founded on justice that even the welfare of society as a whole cannot override.

For this reason justice denies that the loss of freedom for some is made right by a greater good shared by others. In testing how well these elements fit and work together, Rawls based a key test of legitimacy on the theories of social contract.

The sociological perspective is how we

To determine whether any particular system of collectively enforced social arrangements is legitimate he argued that one must look for agreement by the people who are subject to it. Obviously, not every citizen can be asked to participate in a poll to determine his or her consent to every proposal in which some degree of coercion is involved, so we have to assume that all citizens are reasonable.

This applies to one person representing a small group e. To emphasise the general principle that justice should rise from the people and not be dictated by the law-making powers of governments, Rawls asserted that, "There is. But this presumption creates no special priority for any particular liberty.

Social Justice as conceived by Rawls is an apolitical philosophical concept The concept of social justice may hold some or all of the following beliefs: Historical inequities insofar as they affect current injustices should be corrected until the actual inequities no longer exist or have been perceptively "negated".

The redistribution of wealth, power and status for the individual, community and societal good.Questions on Sociological Approach. What is Sociology? Sociology is the that studies society and human behavior.

What is special about the way sociologists approach topics? Internet of Things in a sociological perspective We are already facing a huge era of IoT For example, let me explain what is the difference of dictionary definition and sociological meaning by the example of Wi-Fi.

According to the tech dictionary, Wi-Fi is a close-range telecommunication technology that enables wireless Internet. The sociological perspective can be used to evaluate the problem and issue of domestic violence.

Domestic violence and “sociological perspective” or sociological imagination When looking at domestic violence or gender based violence, we can shift from addressing the problem at the personal level in the broader social context (Berns ).

Chapter One: The Sociological Perspective Learning Objectives Discuss the different components of the sociological perspective.

Understand the origins of sociology. We are able to see the links between what people do and the social settings that shape their behavior.

The sociological perspective invites us to look at our familiar surroundings in a fresh way. It encourages us to take a new look at the world we have always taken for granted, to examine our social environment with the same curiosity that we might bring to an exotic foreign culture.

At the heart of sociology is the sociological perspective The belief that people’s social backgrounds influence their attitudes, behaviors, and life chances., the view that our social backgrounds influence our attitudes, behavior, and life chances.

The sociological perspective of