Understanding animal cruelty essay

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Understanding animal cruelty essay


Hanging Mutilation Passive Cruelty — This type of animal cruelty is more commonly called neglect. Pet owners, regardless of the type of animal, neglect to give the pets they are entrusted with the basics needed for their survival.

They forget to provide them with adequate food and water which can lead to starvation and dehydration.

Leaving an animal outside exposed to the elements due to the lack of proper shelter is another form of passive cruelty. Animals subjected to either form of animal cruelty suffer a horrible fate. Hundreds if not thousands of animals each year die as a direct result of animal cruelty. Many of these animals never receive any form of justice as the abusers are never reported and no charges are filed against them.

Animals that somehow manage to survive any form of animal abuse or cruelty have mental, physical, and psychological issues.

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Many of these animals find it very hard to ever trust another human. Who are Animal Abusers? Many people who participate in abuse and cruelty against children and adults began their cruelty on their family pets.

Further studies have shown that if a child has a propensity for abusing animals that they are at a greater risk at being violent towards people in general at some point of their lives.

Understanding animal cruelty essay

What can be done? In recent years the reality of animal cruelty has become something not as hidden as it once was to the masses. Lawmakers have heard the outcries of animal activists and have taken steps to legal deal with perpetrators.

In 46 states in the United States alone, felony charges are on the books for those convicted of first time offenses of animal cruelty. Other anti-cruelty laws on are the books to protect animals and prosecute those guilty of torturing, abusing, and aggravated cruelty against companion animals.

To further get an accurate picture of how many animals are victims are subject to animal cruelty or abuse a year the FBI added a cruelty to animals category to the Uniform Crime Report in January of Individuals wanting to help with animal cruelty can report suspected animal abuse or neglect to the authorities.

With the watchful eye of friends, family, and neighbors there is a greater chance of saving an innocent animal from a life of abuse and cruelty.

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The active involvement of the community on animal cruelty also helps prosecutors and law enforcement officers to target crimes against animals, potentially saving lives of hundreds if not thousands of animals.This essay focuses on the first few decades of the original Vegan Society.

It was partly written to support the contention that veganism is a rejection of nonhuman exploitation that goes beyond dietary guidelines. E-mail [email protected] To increase the size of fonts click on 'View' 'Zoom in' Our website regardbouddhiste.com is now receiving over four million hits per month and has been awarded.

Let’s be clear: mistreatment of animals is incompatible with the ethics and farming practices of the overwhelming majority of Australian farmers. Discusses why animals matter and the reasons why we should treat animals differently with respect and with the recognition that they have the right to life and are not here for our use, as food,entertainment or labour.

The number of wild animals vastly exceeds that of animals on factory farms.

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Therefore, animal advocates should consider focusing their efforts to raise concern about the suffering that occurs in nature. In theory, engineering more humane ecological systems might be valuable. In practice, however, it seems more effective to promote the meme of caring about wild animals to other activists.

Understanding Animal Cruelty Essay example Words | 10 Pages. One has to know what animal cruelty is before they can fight it affectively.

Understanding animal cruelty essay

Every day in the United States, animals are beaten, neglected, or forced to struggle for survival.

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