What are the basic goals of

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What are the basic goals of

First, policymakers felt that their economic and military reliance on the West was excessive, mendicant, and too lengthy. Seoul sought to correct this situation by establishing its own self-reliant global posture.

Second, Nordpolitik was designed to expand and diversify trade relations on a global scale to cope with increasing trade protectionism from the United States. Intentionally or not, the policy aroused anti-Americanism.

Ironically enough, the rising anti-United States feeling was accompanied by increasing demands for economic and political democracy, culminating in the Kwangju incident in May Finally, Nordpolitik involved the pursuit of wide-ranging relations with socialist countries and contacts and dialogue with North Korea.

The Seoul Olympics was a major catalyst for Nordpolitik.

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It was the first Olympic Games in twelve years not marred by a bloc-level boycott and had the highest participation ever nations and more than 9, athletes. Seoul gained new global recognition and visibility as more than 3 billion people around the world watched the Games being televised live.

Literally implementing the Olympics slogan, "From Seoul to the World, and from the World to Seoul," by the beginning of South Korea had established diplomatic relations with countries, and had diplomatic missions, including representative offices and a consulate department in Moscow. Conversely, North Korea had diplomatic relations with countries and 85 overseas missions.

An impressive number of young South Korean diplomats were trained in the West and actively implemented Nordpolitik. Pledging unilaterally never to use force first against North Korea, Roh proposed to replace the existing armistice agreement with a peace treaty.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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What are the basic goals of

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The Minneapolis goals are intended to state the plan's intent as clearly as possible, so that we as a city know what we are working to accomplish through the policies of the Comprehensive Plan.

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