Wikipedia marathi essays for kids

In area it is the third-biggest state of India. Only one Indian state has more people Uttar Pradesh.

Wikipedia marathi essays for kids

The Madgulkar family had probably come from the neighbouring state of Karnataka a few centuries back. They were one of the eight Brahmin families Madgul, which had a population of over a thousand.

wikipedia marathi essays for kids

The family owned some land. Vyankatesh Madgulkar's grandfather and the earlier generations had lived off the land. The family was large. Apart from Vyankatesh Madgulkar, there were seven children, one of whom died early. Vyankatesh Madgulkar's father took a job in the government of the Aundh princely state, which ruled over Madgul and the region around it known as Maandesh [1].

The job took him to various villages and small towns of Maandesh. For some time, the family moved with him. In this way, Vyankatesh Madgulkar got to see life in many parts of Maandesh. From them he learnt how to climb trees, how to identify birds, how to trap fish, how to hunt.

Madgul had no electricity, bus service or shop. But it had a primary school. Vyankatesh Madgulkar studied there and later in a secondary school in a small town nearby. But he was not a good student. Some of his teachers told him he had no future. For two years he was considered a criminal by the British government.

However, he had his own personality, different from that of his brother. He first wanted to be a poet.

wikipedia marathi essays for kids

He also loved sketching and painting. And though he did not complete school education, he developed an enormous love for reading. He learnt and read English books the hard way, with the help of a dictionary.

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Vyankatesh Madgulkar first tried to become a painter. He went to the city of Kolhapur in western Maharashtra to learn painting. However, he lost interest in becoming a painter and turned to writing. He wrote his first short story when he was 19 years old.Both of the academics questioned for this article agree that it is easy to spot essays that are over-reliant on Wikipedia, and that direct citation of the site was always unacceptable.

Free Essays on Marathi Essays For Kids. Get help with your writing. 1 through Maharashtra (Marathi: महाराष्ट्र) is the name of a state of India and its language is Marathi.

In area it is the third-biggest state of India. In area it . Wikipedia Information / Biography Profile Introduction: Peter Lanfer, a man with broad shoulders, a strong jaw, and dark brown hair, is a professor at the University of California Los Angeles, or UCLA.

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