Workplace discrimination research paper

Gender Discrimination in the workplace may occur in different ways. Although every country admits that gender inequity must be removed, it still is a big issue, especially for women.

Workplace discrimination research paper

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace It is not up for debate whether Workplace discrimination research paper are discriminated against in the workplace it is evident in census data; in women made 73 cents to the dollar paid to men.

Even today, there is still a pay gap that exists between women and men. It is said that the organizations that are pro-equal pay, including some unions, support the idea that the government should set wages for all jobs.

To the contrary, the organizations that are proponents of equal pay are not for job wages being set by the government-they wish to have the discrimination taken out of pay scales from within the company.

Commonly, this pay gap is attributed to the fact that women in the United States are still expected to attend to familial obligations over work. Data shows that women do attend to family obligations, like having a child, caring for a sick family member, or caring for an elder; but they also do not give up on work.

Yes, women often chose lower paying jobs in exchange for flexible hours and do spend a lower number of hours per week long-term at their jobs than their male counterparts.

Because women are socialized to be the primary care givers they are kept at these lower paying jobs that are more flexible, the jobs allow them to care for their family yet still retain an income possibly a second income for the household.

Women are allowed and often encouraged to work but they are not rewarded or compensated at the same level, for their efforts, that men in the work force are. The pay gap would be narrowed if companies were more conducive to family schedules. Men and women would receive equal pay for the same job.

Companies would benefit by retaining quality employees.

Workplace Discrimination - Research Paper Example :

It seems that women workers have reached a plateau in society. In order for women to be respected as men are in the workplace there needs to be a redistribution of domestic and family work. There is no way for women to move forward to equality in pay if they are not recognized as contributers to their job i.

As soon as more domestic and family work is allocated to men then women will be able to attain equal pay. Women, with less work at home, will be able to commit to full time jobs, have to leave the workforce less, take less leave, and be able to climb the corporate ladder just as men are today.

Sincegender inequality, at least in pay, can be traced. In the National War Labor Board issued a general order that authorized employers to make voluntary adjustments in salaries or pay in order to demonstrate gender equality at least in jobs were women and men worked the exact same job and had comparable quality and quantity of work CNN.

Rates of women in labor unions has been increasing since they have entered the workforce. Even with the increase of women union numbers this inequality of pay still exists.

Women are encouraged by unions and other organizations to sue their employer if they are being treated unfairly in the workplace. Women are unlikely to pursue this option against their employers because of limited resources, i.

The term glass ceiling began as a reference to discrimination against women in the work force. The glass ceiling is an unwritten rule in many businesses.

The ceiling is an invisible barrier that usually affects minorities and women. This barrier is extremely debilitating for women in their job because it makes them feel inferior and that their bosses do not take them seriously because of their sex.

The glass ceiling is another oppressive means used by corporate America to keep women out of powerful positions and keep them from raking in a lot of money; in terms of their gross income.

A study done by the U. Supreme Court has designated two different types of sexual harassment in workplaces: Type 1 and Type 2. Sexual harassment of Type 2 is not nearly as direct but creates a hostile work environment for the harassed worker.

Workplace discrimination research paper

This hostile in environment can be created by rude gestures, sabotaged work, inappropriate name calling, vulgar jokes, unnecessary touching, comment on the appearance of others physical attributesetc. Women are now surpassing men in the amount of education, in years and higher degrees, they have.

If the workforce does not allow them to pursue executive career options then they will find themselves unable to fill these positions. Women in earned 1, college degrees as compared to men who earneddegrees Career Planning. The ever increasing amount of women furthering their education makes them more likely to want to enter the job market.

Also, the longer a woman is in school the longer she will be in the workforce, when she enters it, because it is likely that she will delay childbearing. Even though female graduates may be even more qualified for a position than her male counterpart the woman will be much more likely to be recommended for a job as an assistant or secretary job than the man.

She will be told that this assistant or secretarial job is her way to get her foot in the door at the company. The employers will act like this is a typical entry-level position when in fact a man in the same situation will immediately begin at a much higher level in the company.

Women are over represented in the lower paying jobs in the company- almost all assistants and secretarial positions are filled by women while men crowd the top and fill the most prestigious positions in the company.

I began the Intro to Critical Feminist Studies course with a very clear idea of what feminism is yet I was hesitant to call myself a feminist. Women and men are equal yet both are very different. A feminist is someone who capitalizes on and embraces the differences between men and women.Workplace Discrimination – Essay Sample.

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Home / Essay Examples / Sociology This paper will discuss the numerous and flagrant violations of antidiscrimination laws presented in the case study of the Darius D’amore Fragrances, Inc.

and the lawsuit filed against it by three of its employees on the basis of racial, gender, and disability. Discrimination in the Workplace of Individuals Living with A Disease or Illness This research paper is a case study focusing on the discrimination of workers living with a disease or illness.

I chose this topic based on the need to educate others on the signs of workplace discrimination. Research Report Kevin Clerkley Discrimination Thesis Statement: Throughout the United States, there are millions of Americans who are struggling against direct and indirect discrimination.

Impediments to Productivity at Workplace productive workplace without discrimination is a key concern of a number of existing and proposed programs and policies, as well as the focus of substantial current research. Discrimination by Type Learn about the various types of discrimination prohibited by the laws enforced by EEOC.

We also provide links to the relevant laws, regulations and policy guidance, and also fact sheets, Q&As, best practices, and other information. Free employment discrimination papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your search There are many different ways in which women are discriminated against in the workplace. [tags: Workplace Discrimination, Pay Discrimination] Better Essays words This paper will shoe the effects of racial discrimination and how it can be.

Gender Discrimination in The Workplace - Research Paper