Writing a letter of recommendation for myself

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Writing a letter of recommendation for myself

Beginning the letter and understanding what to include will have you on track and give you the boost of confidence you need. Once you know how to organize the letter, let your own biggest fan out of the bag and fill the letter with content.

Decide what information you should tell about yourself before you begin writing the letter. The information you choose to disclose provides insight into your values and purpose.

If the letter is for a job application, focus your self-recommendation on skills and qualifications that are required for the job. Make every word count.

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Address your audience professionally, preferably by name if you know it, and promptly state what you are recommending yourself for. Use a professional voice and tone, even when pouring your heart out. Be Objective Raving about how awesome you are might give the reader the wrong idea.

Spare the fluff and sugar-coating; instead, get down to business describing your accomplishments and positive attributes in measurable terms.

Use direct language and powerful verbs that appropriately describe actions or behaviors. Back up any claims you make with an example or a reason for the claim. For example, explain that you consistently performed at percent of the sales quota or that your supervisor noted that you received the most customer compliments in the department.

Focus on Strengths Keep the information in your letter fresh. It should not regurgitate the same information found elsewhere, such as on your resume. A recommendation letter is an opportunity to market and sell yourself, using information otherwise unknown. Help the reader fill in any gaps or identify any desirable strengths not already listed elsewhere.

Do not use the recommendation letter to address or explain any weaknesses -- at least not directly. Keep it positive and strength-based. Ask someone else to give you feedback to make sure you are not overlooking strengths that others see but you may have missed.

writing a letter of recommendation for myself

Other Considerations Sometimes when you ask someone for a recommendation, she will ask you to write your own letter or reference as a template.

Some of these letter-writers may even use the exact letter you write as their reference. If this is the case, make your her look good by adhering to professionalism and only including information that the she could reasonably be expected to know about you.

Explain the capacity she knows you in -- supervisor, advisor, professor -- and provide a time-frame for your relationship. Write a glowing letter of reference -- just keep it believable.Apology letter basics.

An apology is a statement of regret and sorrow for wronging someone. An apology letter is simply a written apology in the form of a letter. I am writing this letter to thank you for your outstanding work on the DORIIS project.

Your Oracle functional expertise and attention to detail were tremendously valuable on the project.

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You joined the project at a very busy and critical time. The writer's block you may experience when it comes to writing your own letter of recommendation is normal and has nothing to do with lack of content. Beginning the letter and understanding what to include will have you on track and give you the boost of confidence you need.

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